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One for the ladies within our communities: The s.w.a.t. v.t.g. “versatile training delay” offers realism by its design, versatility by its nature and true delay options (3.5 second fuse) bring a much missed product back to airsoft only better. The v.t.g. boasts multiple shells size capability and full warranty and after sales service. Compatible with the old versions of blank firing grenades the v.t.g. offers airsoft players the ultimate tool for effect and game enhancements, with a wide range of different options for the user. Weather woodland or urban the v.t.g. is an essential part of any player’s kit. (18+ ONLY AND MUST BE AN ACTIVE AIRSOFT PLAYERS UNDER THE VCR BILL CRITERIA) We refuse the right not to sell any blank firing devices to the general public, so don’t ask

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