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Designed by s.w.a.t. and a 1-1 replica of the real world m84 stun grenade, the bfgx-m84 offers the discerning owner a real piece of British engineering. With all the attributes of the bfgx and full compatibility the options for style are limitless. Optional feature built into the bfgx-m84x is that it has multiple end detonation capabilities, which means simply it will detonate which ever end it lands on. Offered in bright alloy as standard the bfgx-m84 works as an impact device, which means it detonates when it hits the floor. Colour options are available but at an extra cost for custom works. Can be used as a game enhancement or as a booby trap. Full stainless steel internals and full warranty applies to all our products under our very friendly warranty policy. (18+ ONLY AND MUST BE AN ACTIVE AIRSOFT PLAYERS UNDER THE VCR BILL CRITERIA) We refuse the right not to sell any blank firing devices to the general public, so don’t ask -INTERNATIONAL WORLD WIDE DELIVERY AVAILABLE

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