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bfgx-m203 training device BFGX-M203 blank firing impact device replaces the bfgx: Comes as standard c/w 9mm insert.This device is a must for airsoft players that operate within an urban environment, gives you a tactical advantage over the opposition, great from room clearance or just bang effects: Detonates on an impact with a hard surface and re-primes ready for reloading. can be used as a boobie trap when placed on door handles in airsoft cqb environments Re-useable and leaves no waste other than the cartridge / shell. Comes c/w pin & ring – loading cap and shell ejection tool and our custom bfgx patch – full safety instructions – The M203 is modelled off the m203 grenade shell, designed slightly smaller to reduce weight and non compatibility for rpg launching platforms. all internals are stainless steel as is the loading cap. ADULTS ONLY 18+ INTERNATIONAL WORLD WIDE DELIVERY AVAILABLE

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